Sunday, May 10, 2009

new moon- in scorpio

aw nuts-papa goose got took out last nite:we was up in the studio studio lites, an then -papa goose came up to my window and,aw nuts-he did tell me that the fischer cat was 'on board' and i was to haul my ass 'out there' quick,which i did, and i did hear her wings -this great old survivor=flapping strong and hard[i had heard and felt this sound[PAK in cantonese}once before when i relocated her up here from our farm in rhinebeck and she brought that heavy sledgehammer wing brutally hard down onto my forearm bones. "man,she can handle herself" I told myself as i declined the call from her old man goose and my gut and turned in for the nite. and now a.m. there her body lies out in the outback west pasture.

we picked up a subsoiler n potato plow yesterday and oat seed for covercropping. oh,and my draft mule-old earl-well,this recent addition newcomer watched me walk the circle,engrossed in somethin or ,well ,then he came up to me and indicated he was availiable for his very first brushing .thank you doug and wendy bora.i hope you know what gifted teachers you are. let the mystery be.