Friday, October 2, 2009

day of images

here i was,all in 24 hours the tractor,the car and even th refrigerator broke-refused to funvction az expected.then,just after my patient stephanie announced the refrigerator snapped,the fella staying in the vacation rental for a whole month arrives in a three piece suit and an ascot.uninvited he asked me why "why do you dress that eway dress more like a farmer than the other farmers around here-you should hire some fieldhands and apprentices and have them do all these chores you do.well i wanted to tellshow himm a whole buncha uses for that ascot he was wearing,but i felt a tug and a current of energy pulling me into ythe computer room.lo n beehold aimage.ouh oh plane geometry uh oh my gooses is cooked.then i internalized it energeticallyand the blue circles did their pleidian duty.i later asked the Dreaming:'wat are the red dots,that are translating into guidance,warm heart flows dissolving hardhearted unforgivenesses,nd the dreaming responded "the pleideds'.ithought that sinks the duck cause i know absolutely nuthing about no pleides.the next day as i was about my chores and tryin to catch up,well,this 'stange'bird sang and i felt a energy path to my heart,and a woman guidance voice suggesting i should mosey on gently over to the south pasture.well i hustled over there real likkitysplit and heard a gentle suggestion to proceed all the way to the southernmost tip.well i did and rediscovered a buncha stones.and i felt the guidance'you can listen to mother earths heartbeat here n if you i sorta dropped down ngosh itv felt real great to listen n msorta merge into her drumbeat.then,well, this stone family started to communicateall at once and i got a sense of the opperreddots as beings and then,my eyesite went from tunnel vision"to vibrant peripheral vision.then the guidance explained'you now can choose this ways of seeing whenever you like. and from now on,you can do your chores ,enen in your old overalls,with this all embracing way of looking at the i returned to the housing area the fella in the ascot came out the door"hey marko,we saw you talking at your goose and the goose acting like she was talking back to you. then,we saw tahat mule join in and flap his lips .well you got us buggered,mark we want aour money back and we are getting the hell outa here.