Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We have been eating our kale,from our guest house garden, twice a day, in our salads-the chi is very strong-nuthin like mountaintop energies ,surrounded by forest,bathed in fresh rain.

Our geese are busy eating insects. they do eat ticks and we have been tick free for as long as we have lived here..

Today,we are preparing some raised beds with crab shell and then compost-possibly to pull the roots of the beets to feed on the  crabshell buried down below...

Yesterday,I cleaned out the horsebarn,  weeded ,worked on our compost pile ,mowed along our pond ,and that was plenty...

Sunday, June 17, 2018


We are eating our father's day breakfast ,enjoying our own potatoes,leeks,watercress -all in a soup.

I started yet another compost pile adding  hardwood leaves,  manure, to a woodchip base-hardwood and softwood.]

A frog is now residing in our guest garden pond.

Digging up/preparing next garlic garden,   cover cropping and sunflowers..  I will add our own compost before we cover crop.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

sunday morning  10 a.m. 6/10/18

Just coming up for protein kick:beans-buckwheat...
Steff just planted butterball potatoes,while I applied extra compost  to unplanted elevated rows.this  extra compost has been sitting for two years,these gardens all ready have  our own compost spread a month ago.  our compost  is longear,sheep,rabbit,goose compost,with biodynamic compost spray integrated into it.

Just praying for a second wind as I  am spreading this  compost by hand[older  1936 manure spreader kicked the bucket.] get it done.

Uh oh.  Our geese are lining up outside the west garden-smelling the seeds.  I crack my bullwhip,located on the decrepit manure spreader,  to warn em off.  and/but-Like last year,its going to take some  scarey scarecrow moves  on my part till they get the message!
Sunday morning   6/10/18

First couple rounds of choores done
Hot fresh coffee n Buckwheat..Buckwheat  every morning. Gussiedup with  Steff's garlic oliveoil  sauce..

Atv all loaded up with potato  seeds.transporting out to west garden for Steph to plant.   Yesterday,corn was planted.Covered with white row cover.

I am applying compost to raised beds+.Some seaweed to  soil...

Friday, June 8, 2018

Chores 6/08/2018
cold,rainey friday morning.  first two rounds of chores completed.  first round is making coffee. second round is drinking coffee. round three now is waking myself up from piss poorcoffee.    now,in sweater,long underwear,I am outahere to give livestock brunch... empty out rain barrels.
yesterday I refined electric fenceposts every 15 ft.,around the two acre garden situated three electric lines all the way around,mowed under the bottom line.  Steff rebuilt the battery box for the charger,went all the way around the garden,refining the lines[titening,cleaning,etc].  we hooked up the battery to the parmac charger,and turned it on.  typically,this is when my donkey stallion becomes all hell bent whacko-plays 'trample thetwo leggeds".  nothing so far. 
 The past ? years, I have laid out my raised beds north to south..This year,Steff the gardiner had me lay the beds east to west.  Aesthetically eyecandy.. We crawled into the sack 6p.m., easing our backs.... About 7p.m.  anticipating drinking in eyecandy west pasture  garden aesthetics, Steph jared me awake roaring "Herman,the Chinese guard goose,is in the guest house garden." We got him outa there eventually and Steff fortified the guest garden fence.
Rain permitting,I will move our own compost onto the west garden garlic area,cover crop it.maybe plant buckwheat around the west garden perimeter...
Mary,our sheep shearer,arrives sunday for sheep haircuts.  Wood stove at nights-wild weather.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

2017 farm veggies -sept


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Harmony Gardens

We are busy spreading compost on West Pasture Garden,reconstructing the Guest House Garden,preparing Barnhouse Garden, and preparing for the South Pasture Garden groundwork.
May 10,2016:
  Today I am discing our own compost into the West Garden again.....Steph is continuing putting seeds into germinating flats.... Very Chilly the last two days -through this morning. Glad I have postponed shearing the sheep...Baby Itsy Bitsy sheep is happy and playing with her new sheep family.  Guard Donkeys staying out of the icey wind....
 The plan for this week is to disc,scarify[chisel plow]] the west garden,  disc again; then create rows for the beets/daikon with my new cultivator.  By the end of the week,I should be ready to apply our four year old compost the the Earth Island Garden,hook up the fence charger to the battery and close off the West Garden to the livestock-typically this is very,very upsetting for my guard donkeys who can be quite aggresive who believe the farm belongs to them...    Put a finishing touch by planting sunflower seeds into Earth Garden-[center of the farm] + plant Buchwheat cover crop into carefully selected areas,.   Before planting anything,we will apply our Biodynamic Field spray onto the soil...
   We are eating a wide macro diet during this often intense period:buckwheat,beans,salad,coffee.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Snow,2015

Snow and ice here-pre thanksgiving.
Mid October,we opened up the gardens to the livestock,who ate and ate and even developed a taste for the daikon radish-tops and bottoms!  They even eventually ate the beets that I planted late september-too late.  As the donkeys and sheep headed strait out to the gardens after their morning grains,I jjust pilled short of much needed  fall disc harrowing .But/and as friday is projected to be warmer,I will disc then amd lime.  Oh well,sad and sorrow for animals regarding harsh Nortth Country winters.