Thursday, December 17, 2009


it will reach -20 degrees tonite. and we are eating our buttercup squash and lasonato/dinosauer kale-we picked the kale yesterday and it is yummy in da tummy when eaten now :dec 15-full moon in caprocorn and,quero apache 'wolf moon'.

tonite we purchased a 1940 manure spreader,horse drawn i mite add.I

i asked the fella operating the steamshovel not to let the mule out while he dug his trenches.steph said i was too demanding andconsequently,this poor fella got so worried about keeping the mule in he dug trenches all the way around the mule,and then he left.well,now the mule can't get outof the south pasture to get to the stable,but.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

day of images

here i was,all in 24 hours the tractor,the car and even th refrigerator broke-refused to funvction az expected.then,just after my patient stephanie announced the refrigerator snapped,the fella staying in the vacation rental for a whole month arrives in a three piece suit and an ascot.uninvited he asked me why "why do you dress that eway dress more like a farmer than the other farmers around here-you should hire some fieldhands and apprentices and have them do all these chores you do.well i wanted to tellshow himm a whole buncha uses for that ascot he was wearing,but i felt a tug and a current of energy pulling me into ythe computer room.lo n beehold aimage.ouh oh plane geometry uh oh my gooses is cooked.then i internalized it energeticallyand the blue circles did their pleidian duty.i later asked the Dreaming:'wat are the red dots,that are translating into guidance,warm heart flows dissolving hardhearted unforgivenesses,nd the dreaming responded "the pleideds'.ithought that sinks the duck cause i know absolutely nuthing about no pleides.the next day as i was about my chores and tryin to catch up,well,this 'stange'bird sang and i felt a energy path to my heart,and a woman guidance voice suggesting i should mosey on gently over to the south pasture.well i hustled over there real likkitysplit and heard a gentle suggestion to proceed all the way to the southernmost tip.well i did and rediscovered a buncha stones.and i felt the guidance'you can listen to mother earths heartbeat here n if you i sorta dropped down ngosh itv felt real great to listen n msorta merge into her drumbeat.then,well, this stone family started to communicateall at once and i got a sense of the opperreddots as beings and then,my eyesite went from tunnel vision"to vibrant peripheral vision.then the guidance explained'you now can choose this ways of seeing whenever you like. and from now on,you can do your chores ,enen in your old overalls,with this all embracing way of looking at the i returned to the housing area the fella in the ascot came out the door"hey marko,we saw you talking at your goose and the goose acting like she was talking back to you. then,we saw tahat mule join in and flap his lips .well you got us buggered,mark we want aour money back and we are getting the hell outa here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

image 2

then the image came alive in me in one or several of my enery bodies.i felt the my head just merged into my heart,a new heart then,them little blue circles began eraing auditoryily stuck-froze tapes,belief tapes in my throat-i connected to a priorly meaningless senoi indian drem process i had done,where my diceased father told me i had not finished burying mim,and for two decades,all i knew was 'wha a 10% off the top mental interpretation.well ,know i am being givenheart connected guidance what that is all for and what to practilly do wiyth iy.then,theses pleidian guides that ae the crux of this image.first,i pondered the red dots,then,they pondered me:then a gall bladder band around my temples dissolved into sparle-like energyies. then,my eyesite focusing went'soft;i.e.peripher. three datys later,the warm ing voice suggested-these are the pleidesians. well i have absolutely no knowledge of pleides whatsoever.i guess i should. the ritual of wrighting as my west virginia/pennsyvania hillbilly persona,,is an authentic,artistic expressive part of me


I would ask that family folks cut me some slack as it has been many cycles since i put my experiences to writ, +finding my way around this computer contraption is a whale of a challenge and surprisinly fun but the contrast between my state bejust before receiving this image ,is a kinda good shock,for historical me...
I waz jest about to order the large pizza,the one with the garlic and anchovies,from ythe only eatery i have found within driving distance.numb all the way out with dairy and and real men dont feel,rite. then i felt the 'tug' to go inside and check the email..well,the message with the image arrived.i set down and wouldnt you know,the projections poured outa me onyto ythe image.. 'oh nut,plane geometry-i fknew it,this traing is way beyond me-after all i flunked plane geometry.this must be one of these higher education teaching courses.. when they find out i have no real [academic]wherewithals,they are gonna abandon me andthis image began flowing in me,using the stuck energy as substanct for transformathis transforming process,i guess. then this newfound guidance came in-thank you maria-a nurturing voice in my troat n heart:pause,marc,pauuse,prcticenoninterference,puse marc ,invite the inner breath to move trough me,pause-invi am inviting the inner breath to move through me,iam pausing i am delighting in tracking the juice flowing throughout my energy bodies.then

Friday, September 18, 2009

arkansas state fair mule jumping contest

Stephanie approached me out at the gfront of the guet house.i had planted myself there since early a.m.getting new load of firewood stacked before the next rain started sneezing again.mixes blessings.anyway,my pardner of 20+ years was uncharacteristically all shook up.this was a compadrie who goes off into the forrest,the everglades solo,at nit .reinventing fearlessness.still she was shook. and wouldnt you know it,i had just downed one pof these starbuck expresso thingos-a gift from an old time horse driver who had dropped by to view the new dra ft choice.He appraised mr e:"now what have you done,marc?this here mule has had a rough go at it and he would just as soon know you from here to nyc as sure as i am standing h ere .by he way,you came up here from nyc,didnt cha?well here,you ny boys drink these starbuck things all the time this must be for you..'i had got past gettin riled by these fallers,i told myself,tried to tell mysef. w ell i was eatin gp retty stri ctlymacro for a timei can handle this sooner had i downded this delicios drink did my kidneys beginto do a jig,then,my whole spine and knees joined in. a w nut s,this might be the end of me"; then steph shows up .that mule your mule.he just jumped the fence ,the 6'high fe nce re a lly close to where i was s tanding and now he is in the upper garden eating our kale.i struggled to discover a rational reasonable grounding sense,but the friggin expresso overload had a whole different gameplan for my day.i knew never to show ,sound project fear to any equine,longear especially.still this guy was determined to let us knoe he was not going to join into what i hoped was the prior harmonious community at mtharmony farm.well,i got him to rejoin the other equine eventually,course after he galloped aways on over to the nearest neighbors newly planted flower garden and turning that into a muinstsntaneous mule paddock.....................then i felt the 'call' to come inside and go directly to the computer to check my email. well ,this image arrived from maria. and my inner critic,schooled in self-ridicule,started in on me...uh oh,plane geometry uh oh oh boy when mthis issystem imust be for high level meditators-i shoulda studied with those tibetans when i with chance,once maria finds out i am a rite brained emotional,she really is gonna ask me to go away...and i challenged all that ,and gragged a couple deep breaths as i contemplated.practing noninterference as i am learning from marias teachings.the image became alive-inside me-in one or some of my energy bodies.dissoling of troat chakra tapes begag,running a clearing wounded child abandonment and i felt united in a higher heart centerthan i was awaren of prior:the flow of all inclusive loving.this image is always availiable ,internally,as a resource for melting stucck states into oneness. thank you maria yraceburu.and then i sensed an inner prompting"now go out with that same mule andwatch him respond to and thank you maria.. i had a coupla folks stay here to study tbagua meditation ..i gave each prayers.i told em if you do this,and just stick with it-you will get what yer hoping to get from all this taoist rigamarole your paying me to tach you..them a copy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I had reintroduced my family to my teacher's sharings,,maria yraceburu-around about five weeks ago. the time had come for me to take the next step as her student-sighns were evident as sunlight;so I invited my family into my daily mheel ritual,prefacing that our most pressing need would be met within ten,twelve hours after this quero apache ritual.well if you were not there,you possibly would not take my word for it,but lo and behold.ten I announced"hey ,my next commitment to this appearance of some hardship to us,so how about i ask for a miracle again.'" well lo and behold. and once more and the family responded with 'go for it'
well i did,and some sacred teachings did arrive shortly after making my commitment.i placed them on the alter.the next morning,a glint of sunlight made it through the closed drapes and pulled down shades ,and was shining on a red candle on the alter. well to my earl morning seses,it appeared the candle was burning, and throwing ite light onto theses sacred texts/teachings. honest.. thank you maria
now ,i am making the most fulfilling connections to my child hood:the woods the burial mounds, qween aliquippa, stepmother hellin and my near death experience and drums and piano taken away and my need to get back into that sacred forrest to be one,and trust opening to flow of love frpom the Mother.And it was then and there i discovered onder i have this strong connection to them. the mammoth jackstock are a whole different universe for me. our mammoth mare is in our heart of heart-some sort of gifting from mother earth-escondesehe and pleidian knowing she has. more chore time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farm finds me

we been here going on fur years. some time ago,we were in the back seat of a real estate agents car and well,once we bought this and settled in, steph said-"Dont you remember -this is the place that you told the real estate agent 'if that place we just drove by ever opens up-well it would suit me to a T..and I forgot not quite all about it.I do remember the state i was in then:tuckered,fried from too much roadstop coffee,and plenty of sharp enough peripheral with the western astro;ogy map:i could be said to be a cancer sun,moon rising-all in the twelth house:my constant companions here are moose,red winged blackbird,duck. Bear ,deer,and rabbit are way out in the west pasture area[far enough away from the vacation rental].snake shows up at poignyant decisionmaking times-a "yes"
sign for me..we addeded the longears,geeses,guinea hens. I am saving my pennies to buy a coupla tibetan yaks..I have finished fencing in the entire 10 acres attempting to negotiate purchasing the adjoing 14 acres to the west, got outbid on the land to my south .

apprentice ship

I come int the dining room...the red alter candle appears to be lit,lite hits it at the spiritually potent angle.. I read my teacher ,Maria,email about the red lite.

I go over to the carriage house and,as i put on raven cd,a crow calls out simultaneously.

yesterday,eyes system arrives from rgarden-i come into the office as an email from my teacher arrives"for your eyes." then an eagle flies overhead. Then grandma arrives with dinner-Salmon!

Yester day,I disc-harrowed the buckwhat covercrop into mother earth.way out in one of the two westpasture gardend. as i was pretty spent at the end of the workday,i nicked a sunflower and a coupla squash or two.I broadcast organic oats into the other west garden-i had disc harrowed the buckwheat there two weeks ago.I also disc harrowed the oats in the west pasture into the mother ,to be followed by timothy in about 10 days-whenever the next new moon is. Oh-a striking green frog kept me company for the whole to-do...

Monday, July 20, 2009

carving a life out from this changing land

cleared the west and some of thr south pasture..shorter than short growing season and rain almost constant like an aquariam out there..buckwheat and oats growing slowly..1,ooo buttercup transplanted.. living primarily off our backyard garden...kale,lettuce,arrugala,etc...bearing in disc harrow shot,tractor bogged down in deep mud..carrying out compost,mature manure and current droppings in bushel baskets to the west pasture-friggin mud has glue in it..of course i am wondering from whence this farming,bagua and nature composite began in me and tonite i read uyeshiba did the same...

Monday, July 13, 2009


you have to or else,but i cannot lime nor plow nor clear the stumps away all by my self;but I did,and it feels great.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

grin and bare

rain every day-every single day means 'just look at thr response from the buckwheat and the oats-yahoo.
put on 2nd app of biodynamic field spray via a five element -eight element medicine wheel-onto the west pasture,and madame bourdelle is busy carefully placing her buttercup squash transplants into mother earth
bulldozing stumps,pulling roots and clearing limbs,boulders and sticks and stones-whew-thank spirit for the macrobiotic diet and fir the jing coming from practicing bagua,and for keeping our case tractor chug chuging through thick and thin..
applied biodynamic 'oak' to the south pasture and finally ,the longears are venturing on out there to eat th oats we broadcast in early spring
we are eating mostly our own homegrown food.
claire donk can hardly go come out of the barn in daylite cause of the bugs
it sure is nice to have this blog where i am not selling anything

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

changing with change

i figure,if i had to categorize our undertakings on the farm,if i had to place my farming according to the vermont farming norm,,i would say its a hobby farm . if i was in n.y.c.,i would say i am finding ,no, enriching the process that i learned from lee strasberg,etc from michio kushi,from several bagua and shaman masters,i am deepening my faith and enriching my love of flow,spirit and gratitude, with farming.

yesterday,in a great rain, i planted buckwheat in the west pasture.the disc-harrow was all mired in the mud,so i pressed the buckwheat in howeverwhich.....

last year,my cash crop waz washed out.yesterday as it rained,i watched big ole ponds forming in my west garden.gulp.lotta farms say 'on the farm,it is always somethin'. in some tai chi,they say-change with the change,,loosen the charge of expectation-loosen the neighbor just dug out a big manure-pit sized hole. this weekend,he added the most relaxing old boat change with the change:it has pretty near rained every day this year...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my earth-my self

whether the squash makes it to the market or not,even if it snows on the squash mid-july,even if this is the shortest growing season in the history of ne kingdom' short growing season, the/my experience of pure being,not for profit primarily,following my bliss in my own trust the process way, is so surreally rich as a great weekend of endless lovemaking,

mule intimidation and biodynamic spray

"it has been over a month and the mule still wont go out into the lush south pasture.and claire belle wont walk him out there because she has to cross the creek to get there and she wont cause she wont get her feet wet period..mule wont go out there all by his lonesome.I have little patience with a 1500 mammothmass imidated by moose,bear,hawk,owl,weasel,fishercat, all who frequent the west pasture. I am stumped, so now,what?
What would mel brooks,harpo marx and krishnamurti do in a situation like this? hm? so, I applied biodynamic 'oak- spray to the passageway leading to the edge of the west pasture. well,last nite,sunset,I hear this Bellows sound.I am way off out in the west pasture and I come a runnin...well,honest to saint pete,that field spray mite of worked cause mule crossed the great divide and walked-helped himself to walking rite up to the edge of the west p,which is where i stopped oak spray app.].planted himself, and bellowroared for over an hour: I am king,I am king,I am king".

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bear,moose and mule

june 3,2009
Soon as the ice melted in the south pasture,gandma and i seeded winter rye,broad casted her seed,overmore.richly,lyrically.with great expectation. added oats soon as the rye took root and surfaced.a three acre pasture for the equine:finished fencing it last week-all done and ready for the equine to charge in and chow. well,they dont want any part of it:I added a bridge accross the creek so clara belle would not get her mamothfeet wet going out there,she knows bridges,and nope,nada. i grained myule out there-he tiptoed up to his grain,looking nervously around-"aw nuts,it has gotta be the moose and bear that 'come in' from this direction[i let the southwest pasture open and wild so the wild ones can come into the creeek for a drink,bu,well i am still tenacious to my visio and will plant red clover this week.Last nite,i went ot to the enterance meadow to the south pasture and clipped down all brush and low limbs so the longears can see al around so as to be sure no bear or moose buck isnt lying low waiting to jump them...tee hee yuk yuk...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

new moon- in scorpio

aw nuts-papa goose got took out last nite:we was up in the studio studio lites, an then -papa goose came up to my window and,aw nuts-he did tell me that the fischer cat was 'on board' and i was to haul my ass 'out there' quick,which i did, and i did hear her wings -this great old survivor=flapping strong and hard[i had heard and felt this sound[PAK in cantonese}once before when i relocated her up here from our farm in rhinebeck and she brought that heavy sledgehammer wing brutally hard down onto my forearm bones. "man,she can handle herself" I told myself as i declined the call from her old man goose and my gut and turned in for the nite. and now a.m. there her body lies out in the outback west pasture.

we picked up a subsoiler n potato plow yesterday and oat seed for covercropping. oh,and my draft mule-old earl-well,this recent addition newcomer watched me walk the circle,engrossed in somethin or ,well ,then he came up to me and indicated he was availiable for his very first brushing .thank you doug and wendy bora.i hope you know what gifted teachers you are. let the mystery be.