Tuesday, June 30, 2009

changing with change

i figure,if i had to categorize our undertakings on the farm,if i had to place my farming according to the vermont farming norm,,i would say its a hobby farm . if i was in n.y.c.,i would say i am finding ,no, enriching the process that i learned from lee strasberg,etc from michio kushi,from several bagua and shaman masters,i am deepening my faith and enriching my love of flow,spirit and gratitude, with farming.

yesterday,in a great rain, i planted buckwheat in the west pasture.the disc-harrow was all mired in the mud,so i pressed the buckwheat in howeverwhich.....

last year,my cash crop waz washed out.yesterday as it rained,i watched big ole ponds forming in my west garden.gulp.lotta farms say 'on the farm,it is always somethin'. in some tai chi,they say-change with the change,,loosen the charge of expectation-loosen the joints....my neighbor just dug out a big manure-pit sized hole. this weekend,he added the most relaxing old boat change with the change:it has pretty near rained every day this year...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my earth-my self

whether the squash makes it to the market or not,even if it snows on the squash mid-july,even if this is the shortest growing season in the history of ne kingdom' short growing season, the/my experience of pure being,not for profit primarily,following my bliss in my own trust the process way, is so surreally great.as rich as a great weekend of endless lovemaking,

mule intimidation and biodynamic spray

"it has been over a month and the mule still wont go out into the lush south pasture.and claire belle wont walk him out there because she has to cross the creek to get there and she wont cause she wont get her feet wet period..mule wont go out there all by his lonesome.I have little patience with a 1500 mammothmass imidated by moose,bear,hawk,owl,weasel,fishercat, all who frequent the west pasture. I am stumped, so now,what?
What would mel brooks,harpo marx and krishnamurti do in a situation like this? hm? so, I applied biodynamic 'oak- spray to the passageway leading to the edge of the west pasture. well,last nite,sunset,I hear this Bellows sound.I am way off out in the west pasture and I come a runnin...well,honest to saint pete,that field spray mite of worked cause mule crossed the great divide and walked-helped himself to walking rite up to the edge of the west p,which is where i stopped oak spray app.].planted himself, and bellowroared for over an hour: I am king,I am king,I am king".

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bear,moose and mule

june 3,2009
Soon as the ice melted in the south pasture,gandma and i seeded winter rye,broad casted her seed,overmore.richly,lyrically.with great expectation. added oats soon as the rye took root and surfaced.a three acre pasture for the equine:finished fencing it last week-all done and ready for the equine to charge in and chow. well,they dont want any part of it:I added a bridge accross the creek so clara belle would not get her mamothfeet wet going out there,she knows bridges,and nope,nada. i grained myule out there-he tiptoed up to his grain,looking nervously around-"aw nuts,it has gotta be the moose and bear that 'come in' from this direction[i let the southwest pasture open and wild so the wild ones can come into the creeek for a drink,bu,well i am still tenacious to my visio and will plant red clover this week.Last nite,i went ot to the enterance meadow to the south pasture and clipped down all brush and low limbs so the longears can see al around so as to be sure no bear or moose buck isnt lying low waiting to jump them...tee hee yuk yuk...