Monday, July 20, 2009

carving a life out from this changing land

cleared the west and some of thr south pasture..shorter than short growing season and rain almost constant like an aquariam out there..buckwheat and oats growing slowly..1,ooo buttercup transplanted.. living primarily off our backyard garden...kale,lettuce,arrugala,etc...bearing in disc harrow shot,tractor bogged down in deep mud..carrying out compost,mature manure and current droppings in bushel baskets to the west pasture-friggin mud has glue in it..of course i am wondering from whence this farming,bagua and nature composite began in me and tonite i read uyeshiba did the same...

Monday, July 13, 2009


you have to or else,but i cannot lime nor plow nor clear the stumps away all by my self;but I did,and it feels great.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

grin and bare

rain every day-every single day means 'just look at thr response from the buckwheat and the oats-yahoo.
put on 2nd app of biodynamic field spray via a five element -eight element medicine wheel-onto the west pasture,and madame bourdelle is busy carefully placing her buttercup squash transplants into mother earth
bulldozing stumps,pulling roots and clearing limbs,boulders and sticks and stones-whew-thank spirit for the macrobiotic diet and fir the jing coming from practicing bagua,and for keeping our case tractor chug chuging through thick and thin..
applied biodynamic 'oak' to the south pasture and finally ,the longears are venturing on out there to eat th oats we broadcast in early spring
we are eating mostly our own homegrown food.
claire donk can hardly go come out of the barn in daylite cause of the bugs
it sure is nice to have this blog where i am not selling anything