Wednesday, October 24, 2012

what we have here is a bona fide guard donkey

just fixing up some winter paddocks and a stall for some sheep so Old Bobo can do what he does best.....
  and carrying out compost and not quite compost  onto the west garden..&carrying in some pumkins.

 if you are coming here for a stay-over,bring your longundies and your Bermuda shorts-this weather here changes dramatically from dat to dis and from dis to dat.

if you get the giggles practicing this qigong,enjoy yourself....

 this winter,we will be adding sheep and longear manure[composted[maybe] to the west garden,

Monday, October 15, 2012

a round of tai chi a day keeps the need for outside farm help away.

straight out with fall farm chores--one 20-minute  tai chi or qigong session in the morning does the trick.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

planting seeds on october new moon

despite literal ego convictions such as' its too late to plant anything that can grow', I followed another knowing-phoned the manurer yesterday to come to the west pasture[that runs a football field sized north to south garden] and to cowgoosh the entirety.  In between deliveries of cowslurpies,I seeded forage seed-maybe for the sheep,maybe for deepening the connection with all that is:the Tao               early today-sunup- in the mist in the snowfall ,facing norhdeast gua, I heard innerteacher prompting"Just let Little Marky see-let Little Marky be.  just dissolve and let Marky breath and be breathed"   and I did.I complied with the promting-with the seedings....   I have Marky-a happy nature boy.

liquid manure & mountaintop firsy snow

yesterday began at 330 a.m. for me-in anticipation of deluge of liquified cow manure over entire new gardens.   first manure spread at  soon enough a.m.; very last spread way past sundown p.m. in all blackened nite-with one little headlamp on his tractor.   no sweat-a crackshot manure spreaderer at the helm.                                oh,so steff dowsed as to timing of broadcast seeding oilseed redish with a 'yes' answer from whoever the old ones consistently tell her is standing behind her.                         so i applied with relished expectancy my oilseed radish,asking the naturespirits who do live here to enjoy and to help.

 today our first snowfalling.-to blanket, protect and nourish.

Snow & a guard donkey named Bo

"Hee Haw"  Bo calls me.  A nuanced different  song:  sorta resonated inside my thorax receiver like "Aw Nuts"    So I  scrambled to the kithchen window where he demonstrates long distance from barnyard to farmhouse,with precise appolonian communications  whenever some important transition needs my attention.       & once he registered I would now be required to serve breakfest in his barn,he tiptoed through the six inches of extra farm labor into his straw floor in the longear barn..                                         yesterday,he froze & brayed till I joined him in the north pasture where the showed me a hole in the outercattle panel fencing.  he has only been here two months. I love his uniqueness-a true daoist.
  yesterday as i was interviewing farmers who were selling their sheep,one mentioned that sheep were compatible with guard donkeys only;otherwise most donkeys will play soccerball-killtoy with smaller animals.I believe we are gonna have a go at it...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

crawled into my jeans 3:30 a.m.

crawled into my jeans,,grabbing some chow;write work shheet,sheet;open gate for the manure pspreders to spread load after load of cowmanure into garedens-between snowflakes.                                                                                   Laying out new fencing for a backup paddock for the soon to arrive sheep-only if Bobo guard donkey-doesnt initially accept them                                                                                         Building  a shed for round .bales to feed the sheep and donkeys through this coming winter..                      Straw on the barn floor for the winter.                                                            Still much more squash,pumpkin,radiccio,kale,lettuce,bok chow-out in the west gardem-to continue to be carried into the kitchen for Steph to freeze for the winter.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

still drops of warmth to nudge up my new forage crop

if my manure speader er gits around to gittin his bleep together enough to piddle his cow dropping over this away,why-we are gonna have have somethin to cover all the oilseed radish I broadcast reseeded onto "IT".    meanwhile,lookin out my window watching the birds eat till their beaks burst- full of my covercrop seed , kinda brings the lifeforce into a tite jawed,clampfist,clampbreath , much undesireble ,highly animated fashion of farmstress.

wonderful harvest mayhem

it is just so wonder full to be in 'it'. one with it. a part of it.           'it' is over an acre now.   guests visit it and i tell them' i did not do it.'    i am going to comment that'i do not know' did it.     an alchemical soulsoil  dreamfest.       just walk out there and wolf down a tomato and some watercress,pull up some arugalia,wash it in the creek and munch. go behind the cornstalks and sunflowers and take a leak.                                            let your spirit soar.

Friday, October 5, 2012

spreading manure till the snow falls

cow manure galore -spreading out onto/into the western pasture/comercial garden till the snow falls n sticks.    + wheelbarrows of donkey manure here and there...


outside all infectious broadcasting seeds dancing with the wind struggle dissolving,disolving trying no point-no point just let go all joy all joy

spreading manure: tractor stop. uh oh? no point just dance the spreading step left step rite father sky mother earth heartbeat within the three rain,wind, grandmothers,ancestors,eight wu-all present- all big smile hearthome for so many

8 hours hard workin man? no sir,just fun-free play with the elements. throw into the soup:the soil,the compost,the chi of it all, the planting song,the harvest song, the mountaintop energy,the growth cycle,the seeds, thr rain-just taste this food -how you feel? but we did not grow it. the mystery-the beauty grew that.