Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Harmony Gardens

We are busy spreading compost on West Pasture Garden,reconstructing the Guest House Garden,preparing Barnhouse Garden, and preparing for the South Pasture Garden groundwork.
May 10,2016:
  Today I am discing our own compost into the West Garden again.....Steph is continuing putting seeds into germinating flats.... Very Chilly the last two days -through this morning. Glad I have postponed shearing the sheep...Baby Itsy Bitsy sheep is happy and playing with her new sheep family.  Guard Donkeys staying out of the icey wind....
 The plan for this week is to disc,scarify[chisel plow]] the west garden,  disc again; then create rows for the beets/daikon with my new cultivator.  By the end of the week,I should be ready to apply our four year old compost the the Earth Island Garden,hook up the fence charger to the battery and close off the West Garden to the livestock-typically this is very,very upsetting for my guard donkeys who can be quite aggresive who believe the farm belongs to them...    Put a finishing touch by planting sunflower seeds into Earth Garden-[center of the farm] + plant Buchwheat cover crop into carefully selected areas,.   Before planting anything,we will apply our Biodynamic Field spray onto the soil...
   We are eating a wide macro diet during this often intense period:buckwheat,beans,salad,coffee.